Are You Ready?

As we enter the age of Predictive / Prescriptive Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) it’s important to understand where you are in terms of readiness.  While the potentials to reach new heights in terms of safety, productivity and savings are high you have to know how close you are to being able embark on this journey.

Here a few questions to get started:

Do you have operational data stores in production and available?  A lot of organizations use HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) for their control systems but the data is not being historized.
Do you have a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) operational and collecting maintenance and asset data?  If so, which systems / versions are you currently running?
Do you have distributed sites apart from your headquarters (domestic or international)? Do you have visibility to their operational data?
Do you have data analytics and/or data sciences teams in your organization?  If so, what technology do they use?

4Atmos consultants can help you perform a “Readiness Assessment” to understand where you are, what you need to do and how to begin preparing for a successful predictive/prescriptive analytics initiative in your organization.

Contact us to set up a conference call to discuss your options and outline a strategy for success!

Assess the Risk

In order to know where you’re going you have to know where you are in terms of risk.

Here are few questions to
help you gauge your risk level:

Can you quantify your lost opportunity as a result of equipment or process failures that have occurred in the last 18 months?
Have you experienced governmental compliance issues as a result of equipment failures or catastrophic events in the last 18 months? If so, can you quantify?
Are there critical assets / systems that have potential to result in significant losses if they fail? What are the ages of the systems assets / systems that you have? Do you have systems have experienced repeated, unplanned outages or failures in the last 18 months?
Has your organization experienced unplanned increases in costs of goods, falling commodity prices, market changes or increased low-cost competition in the last 18 months? Can you quantify the impact year-over-year? Have you had to idle or shutdown facilities / operations due to financial losses in the last 18 months?

We’ve helped customers manage each of these risks through implementation of pro-active, predictive/prescriptive analytic solutions and organizational change processes that help mitigate / reduce losses and establish a new “normal”. This new normal is a place where risks are reduced and systems / processes put in place to augment the “people” factor with supporting technology that sees what humans can’t see.

A Brighter Future

Here are 7 keys to achieving
success when you’re ready

  1. Have a single, cleansed version of the Truth
  2. Make data Available for Users to Provide Near-Real-Time Responses (also known as Evidence-Based Decisions)
  3. Understand and Articulate the “Rules of Engagement” updating as necessary
  4. Cast the Vision.  Invest in People, Processes and Technology
  5. Quantify the ROI and Set Goals
  6. Learn from the past and don’t just predict the future, take control of it.
  7. Be Courageous

Let 4Atmos help you implement these steps for success. It’s more than just installing a software application. It’s about seeing into the future and casting a vision for all stakeholders. From the top-floor to the plant floor.